THEOLD.Com, Inc. is looking for independent, hardworking and flexible agents to bring in clients/referrals (Japanese and Chinese corporations).

THEOLD.Com, Inc. is a leading business information company dedicated to the provision of global business intelligence and information to assist in strategic and effective decision making.

The company offers e-Learning service to corporations such as POSCO Steel and Samil Academy. If you have links to Japanese and Chinese companies, this is a good opportunity for you. Commissions are up to P200, 000 monthly.

You can send your inquiries to or call 892-3646.

THEOLD.Com, Inc.: Marked by Synergistic Qualities

THEOLD.Com, Inc. is an organization consisting of experts providing a stage where they can show and prove their abilities.

We help each other achieve only the best result. We mold employees to become elite leaders. And we respect everyone's uniqueness, recognize their potential and provide the opportunity to maximize to the best of their abilities.

Like an orchestra, we aim to produce harmony by combining skills to attain our goal. We call business a synthetic art, offering flexibility and a variety of services to cater to your specific needs.


THEOLD.Com, Inc.
has established its purpose to bring together experts of various business fields and share their ideals to create a synergistic effect. We have the experience and special skill to spot and overcome potential risks in the market.

THEOLD.Com, Inc. is a leading business information company dedicated to the provision of global business intelligence and information to assist in strategic and effective decision making. Now its core purpose is the provision of business intelligence through Biz & Resource Development, Property Investment and various marketing activities such as Sales Marketing and B2B. THEOLD.Com, Inc. strives to provide our clients with the information and insights they need to sustain a valuable competitive advantage. To this end, our vision and values express the methods by which we will achieve this for our clients.

We will enable our people to produce innovative, inspirational and indispensable products and services that will be actively sought by our clients. We will be respected and admired for the way we work and be seen by everyone (clients and staff) to have made a tangible and positive contribution to their success in business.

With the ambition and passion of its members, we are able to continuously grow our network and clientele. THEOLD.Com, Inc. is not only a company which can satisfy all kinds of people. We also provide the very best information and services that our valued customers need.


“To provide our clients with the information and services they need to sustain a valuable competitive advantage and convenience.”

If it takes a long time to find the proper information and services, this delay would be reflected directly as a cost. In addition, incorrect information results in a hefty loss for the company which may be a great threat to the company’s survival. In this regard, THEOLD.Com, Inc. will maximize customer satisfaction by fulfilling customer needs. Customer-Oriented. THAT is THEOLD.


“We will enable our people to produce innovative, inspirational and indispensible products and services that will be actively sought by our clients.”

“We will be respected and admired for the way we work and by both our clients as well as our own staff.”


Quality: We provide our clients with the quality and services they demand.
Proactive: We actively encourage people to see things and perform differently.
Energy: A positive attitude will be at the center of our “can-do” culture.
Success: We value and reward our people.

THEOLD.Com, Inc. is an ecosystem (ecological community), which is as alive as an organism. We are able to quickly adapt to all situations in the dynamic business environment and accomplish Sustainable Development. Above all, we set the greatest value on the relationship among people. This is our philosophy. Although numerous trends and paradigms pass, the only thing that remains is the people. Business is relationships.


Global Destiny Cable TV Commecial Dept.
Affiliated with

Vision & Multimedia TV Commecial Dept.
Nissan Motors Philippines
Eva Airline
Hana Tour
Yeson Travel
American Garden
Daekyo Philippines
Impression Impex International
88 Spaland
Island Exhibit Link
Globe Asiatique
Max's Restaurant
MAPA/Manila Seoul

Established THE Inc
MOA with Focusmedia TV Commercial
'Global Dream Home'(Real estate TV program) promotion

Registered in ICOCA(International Coffee Organization Certifying Agency)
Botecentral 'Coffee Alamid' Exclusive distributor for Korea
Botecentral 'Coffee Alamid' Worldwide distributor
'i-White' TV Commercial
'i-White' Domestic/International Marketing & Sales Promotion
'Sensedol' TV Commercial
'Missha' Marketing & Sales Promotion
Kwangdong Pharmacy Vita500 Philippines Marketing & Sales Promotion
Zenesys Networks International Marketing & Sales Arm
POMIC.MANILA Establishment & Management Service
Online English Tutorial Service for POSCO employees
Establish THE OLD.EMI for Educational Business expansion.
THE OLD.EMI acquire 60% of stock from THE OLD.Com, Inc.


THEOLD.Com, Inc. makes client ideas come true through various services such as New Business Development, Market Research, Field Testing, Management & Operation System Development.

- Market Research & Feasibility Research
- Management & Operation System Build
- Risk Management Strategy


'Global Dream Home' (Real estate TV program) Property Investment Program Planning THEOLD.EMI (THEOLD Educational Marketing Institute) Educational Business Model Development. THEOLD.EMI identifies the needs of the clients as well as the flow of the changing method of foreign language education and puts first to build all the foundations for developing and providing the most effective and suitable content. We are the successful e-Business partner to clients through the information design which has the passion of the specialist in each area.

POMIC (POSCO Management & Innovation Consulting) Manila Branch Establishment Planning and design of Call Center Management System for POSCO


THEOLD.Com, Inc.
is pioneering the sales route and establishing marketing strategies based on:
-Local Market Research
-Establishing and negotiating advertisement strategy
-Developing and processing event ideas


[Advertisement Planning]
Nissan Motors Philippines TV Commercial
Eva Airline TV Commercial
Hana Tour TV Commercial
Yeson Travel TV Commercial
American Garden TV Commercial
Daekyo Philippines TV Commercial
Impression Impex International TV Commercial
88 Spaland TV Commercial
Island Exhibit Link TV Commercial
Globe Asiatique TV Commercial
Max's Restaurant TV Commercial
MBC TV Commercial
MAPA/Manila Seoul TV Commercial TV Commercial

[Corporate Marketing]
Botecentral 'Coffee Alamid' Exclusive distributor for Korea
Botecentral 'Coffee Alamid' Worldwide distributor
'i-White' TV Commercial
'i-White' Domestic/International Marketing & Sales Promotion
'Sensedol' TV Commercial
'Missha' Marketing & Sales Promotion
Kwangdong Pharmacy Vita500 Philippines Marketing & Sales Promotion
Zenesys Networks International Marketing & Sales Arm
Online English Tutorial Serivce for POSCO employees


We are strategically cooperating with, which is one of the most influential online real estate business companies in the Philippines. We are provided with the latest information and trends of the Philippine real estate market. We provide valuable investment opportunities by providing accurate information according to the needs of the client.

Accomplishments: 'Global Dream Home' (Real Estate TV program) Promotion -- holding OFW real estate investment Ayalaland Premiere major project sales promotion


We maximize client profit by connecting the item and the service that is needed by the business client within a minimal amount of time through the infrastructure of THEOLD.Com, Inc. and prevent profit loss for the client which can be caused by inaccurate information.

Securing the business with the prominent 'P' steel company of the Philippines
Connecting the communication service between Zenesys Networks and Amdatex
Exporting 'Coffee Alamid'
Exporting 'i-White'

ET-NET (English Talk on the NET)

About ET-NET Service Exceptionality

Our ET-NET Online Service is surely making its way to the competitive world of Online English tutorial business. We are currently rendering tutorial service to one of the World’s largest (ranks 4th for the top 60 in the steel industry), and widely known steel-making companies, POSCO Steel Co., Ltd.

Employees of POSCO are highly professionals, who want only the best teachers to conduct their English classes. They are committed to studying the English language, and are mostly enthusiastic learners. This is the reason why they are very much particular with their teachers’ skills and effectiveness in teaching English to them. Thus, in order to satisfy them, we give them nothing but our excellent and highly competitive teachers to suit their needs.

ET-NET is endowed with a systematized Management Network Program, which provides the highest technology possible to maintain stability during calls with its fast speed and noise static free connection. This administers unified time between calls thus limiting its costs, and delays in restoring any system problem that might arise unexpectedly. ET-NET has the following specifications:

· IPLC (International Private Leased Circuit) for guaranteed voice quality
· 24-hour 100% Power Back-up
· Unified Voice Communication System
· ERP System

About our Service to CORPORATIONS

Nowadays, tedious course of study, using traditional, conventional lesson materials cannot satisfy clients’ needs since trends come with a great deal of innovation and creativity. In order to solve this dilemma, our company makes sure to develop lesson materials which are carefully prepared in a modish manner, artistically designed to every student’s English level skill. This gives allusion to the highly valued service we offer to various Corporations, showing our teachers’ outstanding skills and expertise on the field of online tutorial service.

Our company offers an intensive man to man training through continuous corrections of mistakes, sustaining them with endless information needed in communicating effectively and on how to be a good, confident, spontaneous speaker.

In addition to our remarkably unique service, ET-NET has set up a CRS (Customer Relations Service) to students so they can call their teachers whenever they want, aside from their regular class time without expense on their part. Favorable feedback came in from students who are totally fond of this idea.

To attest our working principle for quality, ET-NET gallantly invests money in hiring Native Speakers to further satisfy client needs and bring about exclusive experience of personally communicating with a native. This makes our students more confident in interacting and speaking in English to foreigners.

To experience our exceptional service, you may avail of a 3-day Free Trial Lesson. Contact us a week before your desired date of service with minimum of 10 employees from your company. We look forward to serving and developing a good business partnership with you. Give us a call anytime for further details.

Thank you and more power!




 当社、THEOLD.COMでは、システム化された管理ネットワーク プログラムであるETNETを擁し、これは、アクセス時において、高速でノイズのない安定したアクセス維持を可能とする最高技術を備えています。これにより、教養・講師課、人事課、会計課、総務課など、様々なすべての社内部署を統合コーディネートして、管理しています。故に、時間的コストを最低限にし、予期せず発生するいかなるシステム上の問題においても、その修復による遅れを防止しています。

· IPLC(国際専用回線)で音声を保証。
· 24時間 100% パワー バックアップ
· ユニファイド ボイスコミュネケーション システム
· ERPシステム



当社の注目すべきユニークなサービスに加え、更なる学習者のニーズにお答えすべく、ETNETでは母国語話者(ネイティブ スピーカー)を雇い入れという、勇気ある投資をしています。これにより、母国語話者との直接的なコミュニケーションを独占的に体験していただけますので、外国人と英語で話をするうえでの自信が備わります。